BATCRAB is a female-fronted rockband, based in Holland's beat-capital The Hague, who, after a period of serious preparation, is pretty successful from the start.

After their foundation, in the year 2011, they subscribed for several  talent-contests and band-battles, in which they all ended as the winner. Of course, by this they got the attention of several radio- and tv-networks, a.o. SBS / Talpa, who invited the band 4 times (!) to perform in the daily tv-show Utopia.

Serge Naberman (a famous guitarist in the Netherlands), who worked with a.o. Golden Earring, Hans Vermeulen (RIP) and George Baker was excited to work with BATCRAB to produce their first record, the ep BLINDFOLDED, which was released in June 2018.

The titlesong, Blindfolded, already encountered in 2016 as a demo-recording the The Hague 100; # 25ste was not bad at all, when you see some other entries (Golden Earring (21/ Twilight Zone), Di-rect (24/Times Are Changing) and Anouk (27/Birds).

Their video Blindfolded (link: is getting attention too. Evert Nieuwstede (frontman of Dutch legends Urban Heroes) is promoting the band right now with his labelcompany IYR! and is responsible for radio- and tv-promotion.

Right now the band is talking and thinking about their upcoming first full album-cd (and probably vinyl too!). With their mixture of originals and well-chosen coversongs BATCRAB is the right band for all stages, big and small, and for each festival. At this moment very affordable!!! (When BATCRAB does not fit into your budget I really don't know how to handle that, as a experienced bookingagent). The picture above shows the good mood of the audience at a BATCRAB- festival gig. (Wollepop, a.k.a. Westlands Liberation Festival.

A great live video of BATCRAB:

BATCRAB line-up:

Cheryl Mostert - vocals

Wesley Vermeer - guitar, backingvocals

Ronald Verkolf - bassguitar

Richard Jansen - drums, cajun, backingvocals

Personal management: Laurens Jansen, +31-651779758

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