Big Brother and The Holding Company


The finders of psychedelic rock and blues? For sure! This band name doesn't ring a bell for everyone immediateley. But their hits, like Down On Me and Piece Of My Heart, do.

handschrift Janis

Original lyrics in Janis Joplin's own handwriting!

Most people connect it to the former singer in old times, Janis Joplin. Two times they played at the famous Monterey festival. How Janis Joplin wrote history at Woodstock we all know.

Need we say more?...

dave en janis

Janis with drummer Dave Getz, who is currently still in the band!

In the year 2016 BBHC is formed by Peter Albin, bandleader and bassplayer since 1965; Dave Getz, drums; Tom Finch (also known from the Joan Baez band), guitar; Kate Russo (also played with a.o. Ronny Hawkins ande The Band), keyboard, violin and vocals and at last Eileen Humphreys, singer.

In october of this year they did a succesfull tour in the Netherlands. The places they played at, were the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam, de Bosuil in Weert, het Paard in The Hague and Luxor Live in Arnhem.

Some of the (press) responses:

  • Big Brother and The Holding Company crushes Het Paard!

  • I heard a second solo-guitar rocking solidly, then I looked and it was the violinist!


This clip is a teaser for the DVD Live in The Lowlands 2016, that has now been edited on O'Dike Records/ Blues Company! There also is a trailer of the DVD:

A CD has appeared of the same recordings, which the reviewers jubilated unanimously!

Some of the quotes:

“Unfortunately I wasn't present there. But this CD has impressed me very much, so that 'Big Brother' is now on top of my to-do-list.” *

“On top of this the cd with the title Live in The Lowlands shows there are tons of inspiration and also joy in playing.”

“A thrembling version of Piece of my heart closes this amazing concert, that I would have loved to experience. Great to know that we still have the album...”

“As an academic youngster I never was very impressed by this band without Janis. As a (still) academic, older boy I have my opninion about this band with Eileen Humphreys and it has changed a 100 procent. And to think that De Bosuil is only a 45 minutes drive away from me!”

* * *

Order the CD orDVD? Please send an e-mail to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken..

Also to be found at all cd/dvd-retailers, online and music shops!

foto dvds

April the 14th 2016 there was a broadcast at the Dutch tv-show Het Uur Van De Wolf about Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company. Most of it is in English, you will understand what it is all about!

The link of the transmission is:

Their own website:


Official merchandising:

Great story, based upon an interview with Dave Getz, about the release of the 50th Anniversary edition of Cheap Thrills:

Live photographs by Ben Vedder and Boudewijn Lahaye

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jimi hendrix filming big brother winterland  big brother holding company met Darby Gould



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Omdat we het niet kunnen laten gaan we een paar keer per maand zelf op pad om met tip-top geluid, mooi functioneel licht en een hoop golden oldies van o.a. Tina Turner, Meat Loaf, Blues Brothers, Boney M, Grease, Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers, Saturday Night Fever, The Trammps, Kool & The Gang, Status Quo, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles en heel veel anderen de boel op stelten te zetten. Heeft u een wel heel speciaal "eigen" liedje? Laat dat vooraf even weten, dan nemen we die gegarandeerd mee!

Geen schreeuwerige deejay die zichzelf de leukste vindt, maar de muziek die het doet. Ruim dertig jaar ervaring hebben we hiermee, met als instelling het is UW feest. Zeer geschikt voor 25-jarige bruiloften, Abraham- en Sarahfeesten, jubilarissen etc. Wij draaien niets uit de huidige top-50 (tenzij dat toevallig een gouwe ouwe is die opnieuw is uitgebracht!)!. Alleen maar 60's, 70's, 80's en 90's; af en toe een zero's.

Op speciaal verzoek kan vriend en ex-Radio Noordzee Nationaal collega EDVARD NIESSING meekomen om ook een paar uur te draaien!

Uniek: wij nemen het hele feest op op cd-r als mp3, zodat u uw feest steeds opnieuw kunt beleven! Wij draaien vanaf cd, we lopen niet te hannesen met zo'n steriele laptop.

Op speciaal verzoek kan er ook de hele avond vanaf vinyl gedraaid worden; daarvoor nemen wij dan onze collega Boudewijn Lahaye mee.

De installatie is berekend op maximaal ongeveer 150 personen; groter kan natuurlijk ook, maar dan is overleg vooraf wel noodzakelijk.

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