David Laflamme It's A Beautiful Day

Everyone who was raised in the sixties probably knows the iconic, phenomenal record “It's A Beautiful Day”, with the legendary song White Bird (In A Golden Cage).

After this many more albums have been released with classic songs like Hot Summer Day, Bombay Calling, Girl With No Eyes, Wasted Union Blues, Time Is, Dolphins, Misery Loves Company and many more.

The line-up that made the masterpiece It's A Beautiful Day is not complete anymore, everybody understands that, but two original members are still on the road, as they are violinist/singer/composer David Laflamme and drummer Val Fuentes.

In the year 2016 the band was completed by female singer Linda Laflamme, Toby Gray on bass (also 38 years a member already!), Gary Thomas on keyboard (for 18 years now!) and Rob Cunningham on guitar.

At shows of course the golden oldies of It's A Beautiful Day are being performed in a superb way, supplemented with original and new material, from a bulky catalogue of songs the banc can choose from. As to the style of their music it is hard to give a specific name to it; it goes from folk-like to etheric jazz, from psychedelic to pure rock 'n roll, and all this peppered with the memories of David Laflamme from the San Francisco Summer Of Love Experiences.

The band can be booked by itself or together with Jefferson Starship and/or Janis Joplin's Original Big Band Brother and the Holding Company at Summer Of Love Festivals.

For instance, in Europe they played with Jeff Beck at the Isle Of Wight Festival.

David Laflamme on wikipedia:


On You Tube there is a great rendition from the actual band, where they performed White Bird.


White Bird - David & Linda Laflamme


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David La Flamme 2



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