Time Bandits & Alides Hidding Band

In the eighties, right after its foundation, Alides Hidding conquered a place in the international popscene with his band TIME BANDITS. The Dutch band still often appears in the news nowadays. In 1980 Alides scored his first hit, with the solo Hollywood Seven.

In 1981 the Time Bandits immediately scored a big hit with their first single Live It Up, that even reached the first position in the American Dance Charts.

Significant for the Time Bandits is the professional sound of funk, disco, soul and rock combined with the recognizable voice and guitar by Alides Hidding.

In the 80's the hits followed one after another; in 1983 the song I'm Specialized In You reached the second place in the Top 40. It was a gigantic hit with more then 90.000 records sold in the Netherlands and 450.000 in France.

Also the next single Listen To The Man With The Golden Voice reached a place in our Top 10.

In october 1983 I'm Only Shooting Love was found in the Top 10. Also internationally the band finally broke through. The single scored well in France, The United States and Australia. The Time Bandits went on tour in Australia and New Zealand, because the single had reached the top of the charts there.

In october 1985 the single Dancing On A String then became a hit; in 1986 the single written by Alides Hidding and Dan Hartman (known by Relight My Fire) I Won't Steal Away also became a giant success.

Throughout that year the band went on tour on a regular basis in other European countries, like amongst

others France and Portugal.

Time Bandits in 2018:

*Alides Hidding - Leadsinger & guitar

*Ake Danielson -Keyboards & backing vocals

*Gerold Olieberg -Bas

*Olaf Noordanus -Drums

The black eyeliner is still there and on his head he still wears his characteristic hat. What hasn’t survived the years, is his very typical head voice. Alides used to be able to reach 4.5 octave, now his voice has become more lived through, naturally. Alides himself: I am putting more feeling into it then I used to”.”

The last CD, Out Of The Blue, was released with a big concert in the legendary temple of pop Paradiso in Amsterdam. Now, in 2018, the band still loves to perform at festivals and stages regularly.

There are also other ways to book Alides Hidding for a show:

Besides performing with Time Bandits, Alides likes to play with his own band (bass-player, guitarist, drummer, possibly an extra female singer), the Alides Hidding Band. His biggest hits do pass by for sure, but he also goes further, with covers that he likes to share with the public. Alides is a true entertainer who can take his audience to a higher place with visable passion.

The Alides Hidding Band is being booked by people that like to hear Golden Oldies, and with this relive their youth: from Prince to Time Bandits and then on to Bryan Adams.

When you would like to have Alides Hidding on stage, but have a limited budget, you can also ask for a tape-performance, with 2 very talented backingvocalists.

After the performance of Alides a meet & greet can take place!

Naturally we can take care of a fantastic and professional light and sound show, with which other artists can easily step into, as they call it. There will be no extra costs for this! 

On youtube there are a lot of clips of Time Bandtis waiting to be watched by you!

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